Packing Nets

POLY-NET® packing nets are light in weight and have a variety of uses. They are a multi-purpose, economical solution for packing small articles individually or for multi-unit packages.

Benefits of POLY-NET® packing nets:

  • minimal covering of the branded primary packaging
  • unaffected by moisture
  • can be ordered by the meter, cut to order or as bags spot-welded on one side
  • available in different mesh sizes, strand thicknesses and colors
  • ecologically friendly, physiologically benign polyethylene
  • reusable, or can be disposed of without hazardous waste
  • delivery units are handy, space-saving and can be safely stacked

You can order POLY-NET® Packing Nets as bulk stock or accurately fitting cut pieces. Ask for any samples or product brochures at any time; please contact our contact person.

TypeMaterialØ (mm)ColorSupply unit
0325LDPE25-130red500m rollcut pieces
0196LDPE50-230green1.000m rollcut pieces
0655LDPE50-230red1.000m rollcut pieces
0650LDPE55-325colorless1.000m rollcut pieces
not strained
TypeMaterialØ (mm)ColorSupply unit
0170LDPE37-100orange500m rollcut pieces
0136LDPE48-77red200m rollcut pieces
0135LDPE57-83red200m rollcut pieces
0599LDPE80-150colorless50m rollcut pieces
0494LDPE100-165colorless100m rollcut pieces



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