Spacer Grids

For transportation on pallets, in containers and other load carriers, POLY-NET® spacer grids provide maximum protection while requiring minimum space. You place the workpieces above one another and next to one another and the spacer grid prevents contact and damage. A successful problem solution – even for heavier parts.

Benefits of the POLY-NET® spacer grids:

  • space-saving, secure storage of your products
  • flexible spacers that easily adapt to the workpieces
  • made of soft PE-LD, EVA and special products with PE-HD and PP
  • unaffected by oils or greases
  • reusable and recyclable

You can order POLY-NET® spacer grids as rolls or accurately fitting cut pieces. Ask for any samples or product brochures at any time; please contact our contact person.

Round Strands
TypeMaterialWidth (mm)Layer thickness (mm)Hole size (mm)ColorSupply unit
0813/60EVA1.1804,04,0 x 4,0grey50m roll
0815/60EVA1.1801,52,0 x 2,0colorless50m roll
0813LDPE1.1804,04,0 x 4,0black50m roll
0641LDPE1.3002,23,0 x 3,0colorless50m roll
0640LDPE1.3001,84,0 x 4,0colorless50m roll
0126LDPE5503,55,0 x 5,0colorless50m roll
0128LDPE7003,58,0 x 8,0colorless50m roll
0629LDPE5001,33,2 x 3,2black100m roll
0273PP7301,22,5 x 2,5colorless100m roll
0230PP3851,12,0 x 2,0colorless50m roll
0238PP3100,91,5 x 1,5colorless50m roll
0632/42TPE5201,43,0 x 3,0colorless130m roll


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