Telecommunications is our home turf. NSW started with submarine cables. Moreover, the world got smaller and smaller. Even turbulence on the international equity markets and soft demand in past years could not stop one trend: the hunger for transmission capacity. More countries want to connect to the world economy. Effective, modern cable systems form the instrumental basis of their efforts. Strategic communications systems, research cables, seismic applications such as tsunami early warning systems — they all operate thanks to the fiber-optic cables of NSW. Great system flexibility, combined with the capability of adding features and extending the system, creates the right solution for all requirements, whether at sea, for offshore connections or overhead.

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Submarine cables are our passion — they are even part of our name. No other technology forms a better foundation of the modern communication for reliable data transfer. NSW develops and supplies the following in this sector:

  • Fiber-optic submarine cables and accessories for submarine cable systems
  • Turnkey submarine cable systems for established network operators and investors who wish to construct new submarine telecommunications networks
  • Repair and maintenance services for submarine cable systems to ensure optimal availability and reliability of these systems.

Fiber-optic Submarine Cables & Accessories The most important cable product of NSW is MINISUB®, a lightweight but very rugged fiber-optic submarine cable with unique features that make it anoutstanding cable for submarine cable systems:

  • a high number of fibers (up to 144 fibers, even more upon request)
  • a welded central copper tube assures optimal protection of the fibers against hydrogen ingress
  • fiber excess length. In contrast to tubes with a separates core, the fiber optics in MINISUB®cables are not connected to the outer structure of the cable. This prevents damage to the fibers while handling and laying the cables and assures the excellent optical properties of the fibers over the entire service life of the cables.
  • high density leads to optimal laying speed and simplifies precise positioning of the cable while laying.
  • compact design and a small reliable bending radius facilitate cable handling, logistics and installation.

You can find more information on our brochure.

Besides the MINISUB® submarine cables, NSW’s products also contain flexible submarine cable splice sleeves, specially developed hydrogen-tight submarine housing sleeves and additional submarine cable hardware.

Turnkey submarine cable systems

With complete project management up to the finished installation, NSW makes it easy for you. With several decades of experience as the leading company in submarine cable systems, we can also provide you with the following:

Assessment & planning

At the beginning of a project, NSW can perform a market analysis for the customer and then help in the development of the business plan necessary to secure financing. The appropriate system equipment and route are worked out in a detailed desktop study. The engineering requirements on the planned cable system are determined from this study, the legal and commercial preparations made and applications are made for any necessary rights of way. In addition, we obtain information on additional permits (environmental, governmental, etc.) that play a decisive role in project implementation.

Sea survey

After initial planning, NSW contracts for a sea survey to confirm and update the information from the desktop study. This is how we compile all the relevant data such as water depth and soil conditions along the planned route. Based on these studies, we specify the precise cable route and the protective measures necessary for the cable along the route. The optimal cable types, connections, housings and additional accessories — including the transmission technique — are selected. If technical changes to the cable or accessories are necessary to satisfy project requirements, we begin making those changes at this time.


NSW manages the entire system installation phase, procures all necessary installation permits, plows the cables into the sea floor as needed, compiles complete documentation for the system, monitors testing and system acceptance, and arranges for preliminary and final customer acceptance. Customer personnel are trained in system operation.

Repair and maintenance services

One component of every turnkey project is a discussion on the future repair and maintenance requirements for the cable system with the customer. If desired, NSW can compile and implement a comprehensive repair and maintenance package to ensure optimal availability of the cable system over a stipulated period. You can find more information on this topic in the Services area.



Offshore is often used as a synonym for the future, a future that we have been working on for decades. NSW provides solutions to the special communications requirements of offshore oil fields and offshore power generation systems.

Fiber-optic submarine cable systems provide convenient transmission speeds and the necessary system stability. It makes no difference whether it is platform-to-platform, platform-to-submarine control system or platform-to-coast, even transmission distances exceeding 400 kilometers are no problem.

Repeaterless systems combine financial and operational advantages in this area. Transmitted signals can be amplified on the coast, islands or platforms. Consequently, expensive electrical submarine repeaters are unnecessary. These limit the number of fibers that a cable can contain and increase the complexity, and the costs for maintenance and repairs, of the submarine cable system. In addition, repeaterless systems eliminate the risks associated with the installation of a high-voltage system on the offshore platform.

You also profit from our experience in planning and implementation. For example, using branch tees and fiber loops makes sense. They make it easier to expand the system in the future. In addition, installing unconnected and thus unused fibers in the cable core makes more capacity available than is necessary to satisfy the immediate requirements at the time of installation. In this way, the network operator can expand the system and use his offshore platforms as landing points for fiber-optic terrestrial systems. Bandwidth or even individual fibers can be leased to customers who need transmission capacity between the onshore locations connected by the cable route. Installed fibers can be carried on the balance sheet as assets making capacity expansion simple and economical. NSW provides turnkey submarine cable systems and offers a large selection of submarine telecommunications products developed for the requirements of the offshore industry.



NSW is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality Optical Ground Wires (OPGW), having supplied more than 100,000 km worldwide since 1986.

Optical Ground Wires are used in overhead transmission lines providing the  traditional ground wire’s functionality, while adding reliable high capacity communication, useable for grid controls and third party telecommunications.

Overhead lines are a cost-effective corridor for fast deployment of communication networks, utilizing existing infrastructure, avoiding the need for additional right-of-way permits and costly construction works.

NSW has manufactured OPGW right from the very beginning of the fiber optic era. The well-engineered OPGW solution offered by NSW is unique in the market, as it provides the highest level of protection to the optical fibers, best protection against galvanic corrosion of wire components. The robust and compact design is suitable for harsh climates and demanding environments.

Based on this successful construction, namely with optical fibers incorporated in a bare conductor, NSW’s portfolio also offers All-Metallic-Self-Supported Cables (MASS) and Optical-Phase Conductors (OPPC)

For more information, on the full range of wires and accessories we offer, please contact us.

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