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Filter Technique

POLY-NET® provides a complete range of corrosion-resistant, all-plastic filter candles. POLY-NET®filter candles have many uses with their various diameters, different structures and variable lengths. The Apparent Opening Sizes of the filter fabric run from 30 to 280 µm.

POLY-NET® strainer baskets are available for coarse filtration. The length of the baskets can be varied here, too.

POLY-NET® also has a wide spectrum of supportings for filtration, water purification, electroplating or other applications in the chemical branch or other industrial areas. Using the continuous extrusion process, POLY-NET® filter tubes can be produced in any desired length. The POLY-NET®manufacturing range comprises different perforated tube versions with diameters from 12 to 270 millimeters.

Major features:

  • virtually any cut length available
  • resistant to chemicals
  • resistant to weathering
  • environmentally friendly
  • recyclable


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