Reacting fast to network problems is a winning strategy for a network operator. Only those who handle the demands of transmission traffic can achieve stable operational profit. For this reason, NSW has developed a proactive approach to the repair and maintenance of cable systems. This allows NSW to ensure maximum availability and reliability of the systems. All solutions are custom-made and take the specific requirements of the individual systems into consideration. Together with their customers, NSW develops suitable logistics concepts for the cable depot and strategies, for example, for a repair and maintenance ship.

Bolstered by our decades of experience, our range of services includes the following: consulting, evaluation and planning, support in preparing specifications, performing studies and analyses depending upon the project need, selecting the system architecture / specification of the requirements, legal and financial preparations, contract negotiations, feasibility studies for cables, machines and equipment, on-site analyses, selection of the cable route / protective measures, development of the cables and technology, product selection, execution, project management, permits, documentation, training and proactive repair and maintenance strategy.

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NSW’s internal quality system is comprehensive and covers all manufacturing processes and business practices. The company performs all required mechanical, chemical, electrical and optical tests, and performance checks. All elements are monitored and tested by NSW staff experts both at previously specified stages of the production process and on a random sample basis.

This process ensures that every cable leaving the factory in Nordenham has been comprehensively tested for functionality and material quality. The inspectors of the customer can be used for final acceptance testing. Almost no day passes without inspectors on the factory grounds in Nordenham.

NSW uses national and international test standards such as DIN, ISO, EN, VDE, IEC, BS, ASTM, ANSI, IEEE, MIL and even customer specifications. The cited potential tests include the following:

  • type tests / verification tests
  • qualification of products, personnel and processes
  • material tests
  • endurance tests
  • damage investigations
  • fundamental studies
  • routine tests
  • customer acceptance tests


Cable Installation

NSW acts as full turnkey partner – this means that we do not only offer cable design, production and delivery but also the installation of the cables.

For further information please contact our sales teams under the specific product areas.

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