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Winding Wires for Submersible Motors

Submersible motors are used as motors immersed in liquids and are known for many advantages in many of industrial applications. For this reason, the wires used for coils in the submersible motor need high-grade installation impermeable to liquids.

The winding wires from NSW were developed especially to meet the requirements of this application. They have proven their durability and reliability over many decades, guaranteeing trouble-free operation and long life for the motor. NSW winding wires consist of solid or multi-stranded copper conductors insulated with plastic.

Wether for standard applications or individual product requirements, with our GreenWire program we provide the best solution. Due to our commitment to environmental protection our products are made exclusively out of environmental friendly Polyethylen which is free of lead and chlorine.

The manufacturers of submersible motors use PE insulated winding wires for standard applications up to 1000 V and temperatures of up to 70 °C.

The VPE insulated winding wires provide an increased thermal resistance up to 80 °C and are able to resist higher mechanical demands with an additional PA-sheathing.

PE2 insulated wires guarantees the highest application requirements and are therefore used in submersible motors operating at higher voltages and at temperatures up to 90 °C.

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