Submarine Power Cable

NSW, with its many years of experience in submarine and offshore cables, offers the necessary expertise to satisfy the challenging requirements of cabling wind farms. In addition, our manufacturing, which we do only in Nordenham, provides another benefit: short delivery times for the entire North Sea area from our own pier on the Weser. We stand ready to implement needed new developments with our customers and exploit the situation that research, project planning, manufacturing and consulting are available at a single location.

New technologies in the area of oil and gas production require the increased use of submarine power cables. Today, drilling platforms still dot the seas; in the future, the entire process of producing oil and gas will take place under water. Special submarine power cables are necessary for this. We are working on these cables right now.

Not to be forgotten are standard applications for submarine power cables to connect mainland areas or cities via water passages. This also applies to mainland-to-island connections. Many of these networks and connections are getting older and need to be overhauled. We are constantly working on the continuous refinement of these products to reduce environmental effects (precisely during the laying process) and losses during power transmission (using new materials).

For complete service, our proven turnkey solution is available to you. We already implement this solution in other submarine cable networks. We are your capable partners from financial planning, to technical implementation, all the way to operation.


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