Surface Protection Nets

Surface protection is real quality assurance!
During production, when moving parts within the plant, in storage and on the way to your customer, POLY-NET® surface protection netting protects the sensitive surfaces and edges of your products. This reduces the reject rate and ensures that your customers are satisfied.

Benefits of POLY-NET® surface protection nets:

  • space-saving, secure storage of your products• highly elastic, fits almost any shape
  • made of soft polyethylene
  • resistant to oils and greases
  • reusable and recyclable

You can order POLY-NET® surface protection nets either as rolls or ready-cut according to your specifications. Special versions of the netting can be used to fit your particular needs.

You can order POLY-NET® surface protection nets as bulk stock or accurately fitting cut pieces. Ask for any samples or product brochures at any time; please contact our contact person.

Standard Program
TypeMaterialØ (mm)ColorSupply unit
0720LDPE6-15red250m roll
0721LDPE12-25blue250m roll
0722LDPE20-40yellow50m bundle
0723LDPE30-60green50m bundle
0291LDPE50-100red50m bundle
0724LDPE80-120blue50m bundle
0725LDPE90-200yellow50m bundle
0726LDPE150-300red50m bundle
Thick-Strand Program
TypeMaterialØ (mm)ColorSupply unit
0334LDPE7-15orange250m bundle
0288LDPE15-25blue50m bundle
0289LDPE25-50yellow50m bundle
0766LDPE50-100brown50m bundle
0414LDPE80-120blue25m bundle
0373LDPE120-200red25m bundle
Heavy-Weight Program
TypeMaterialØ (mm)ColorSupply unit
0741LDPE12-25blue50m bundle
0742LDPE20-40yellow50m bundle
0743LDPE30-60green50m bundle
0744LDPE50-100red50m bundle
0745LDPE90-140yellow50m bundle
0746LDPE130-180red25m bundle
Wide-Meshed Program
TypeMaterialØ (mm)ColorSupply unit
0767LDPE50-100grey50m bundle
0292LDPE100-200green50m bundle
0298LDPE200-350orange50m bundle
0450LDPE350-500blue25m bundle
Leight-Weight Program
TypeMaterialØ (mm)ColorSupply unit
0510LDPEca. 15blue1.000m roll
0463LDPE20-50green200m roll
0464LDPE50-80red50m bundle
0701LDPE15-25blue250m roll
0702LDPE20-40yellow50m bundle
0703LDPE30-60green50m bundle
0704LDPE50-100red50m bundle


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